Aids for Bible Translators


The EasyEnglish project began when a Bible Translator in Africa requested simple Bible Commentaries that he could use to assist his helpers, who were translating the Bible into their mother tongue.

We now have books covering the whole New Testament and most of the Old Testament. They are all available free of change from this website. You can use the links on this page to find these books. Or you can refer to our Book List which will show you all our books for a specific Book of the Bible.

You can use our books in several different ways. They are useful (1) to give the basic overall idea of a Bible book or a passage; (2) to help people to understand certain difficult points; (3) to offer ideas to translators about how some key verses or terms could be translated.

We do not advise you to use our translations as a sole source of reference. We expect you to use them together with all the other translations, commentaries and study aids that you have available.


Bible Commentaries

These are verse-by-verse Commentaries in simple English that presently cover most of the books in the Bible.

The English Learners Bible

This is a very simple translation of the Bible, for people who are learning English. But it is not a word-for-word translation.

Semantic Analysis of Bible Books

This is the work of Leslie and Kitty Pride, retired Wycliffe Bible Translators to Central America. Many Bible Translation Consultants consider that there is a need to deal with implicit information in their translations. That is, much information would have been clear to the original readers of the Bible books, which a modern reader does not understand because of the cultural and historical distance. We have undertaken Semantic Analysis of several New Testament books. These are specifically designed to help mother tongue translators to understand such aspects.

The Bible Outline

This comprises very brief summaries of each book in the Bible.

Accessible EasyEnglish

This is a range of Bible stories and prayers. We designed these for people with learning disabilities. But they may also be useful to give ideas for story booklets that you could use to teach people to read.


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